Shatavari Milk 


1 Cup Almond Milk (Or Milk off your choice)

1 Teaspoon Cyrilo's Shatavari Powder

Pinch of Turmeric

Sweetener of your choice (Optional)


1) Add Cyrilo's Shatavari Powder, Turmeric and sweetner to a warm cup of milk.

2) Stir it and let it sit for few minutes and enjoy!

Shatavri Salad


Vegan Yoghurt/Greek Yoghurt

! teaspoon Cyrilo's Shatavari Powder

1 Teaspoon Maple Syrup

Fruits of your choice


1) Mix Cyrilo's Shatavrari powder, Maple Syrup and Vegan Yoghurt.

2) Toss in your favourite fruits and enjoy!